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Dutch singer-songwriter Justin Kniest aka JUST is pleased to offer his highly regarded debutalbum Deep Cycles. Containing eight songs that journey through the grooves of sorrow, loss and hope, Deep Cycles forms a melancholic blend of avant-pop, synthwave and indie rock.

Deep Cycles gained critical acclaim on its release:

“Deep Cycles sounds great! Love the vocals, drumsound and textures” - Phill Brown (engineer/mixer Talk Talk, David Bowie, Pink Floyd)

“It is perhaps the most immaculately produced and executed album I’ve ever heard. There is not a note or a nuance throughout it that isn't perfectly judged and exquisitely balanced. It’s flawlessness is mesmerising"  - Simon Napier-Bell (manager Japan, Ultravox, Sinead O'Connor, Wham!, Jimmy Page)

“Deep Cycles is a melancholic yet uplifting work of vulnerability and courage” - David Joseph (Held By Trees)

“‘Dark Days’ sounds fantastic. Beautiful vocal performance!” - Ronald Prent (producer/mixer The Police, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds)

“Comforting emotions wrapped in atmospheric 80’s sounds” - OOR Magazine

“Beautiful record!” - Music Maker

“Deep Cycles is full of dynamic, rich textures” - HIFI Magazine


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